Labour Day Sales

Great sales are to had in any long weekend as retailers take the opportunity to move idle stock. With so many people having extended time off over the long weekend families can make decisions on items they may have been pondering. Similarly those many small businesses with owner operators finally get some time to think, "Now what do I have to purchase?". Enjoy the Labour Day Sales.

On Sale

  • Mattresses Direct To Public

    Kilsyth, Vic / 03 8761 8999

    Labour Day Mattress Sale

    Mattresses Direct to Public Labour Day Sale. We have great mattresses at extraordinary prices. And we also have fantastic custom bed heads. Come into our showroom or browse details online.

    Call us NOW on 03 8761 8999 for a custom bed head Labour Day Sale Deal.

    Located in Kilsyth, Melbourne, Victoria.

    Come and see our range of Bed Heads
  • LITE tow trailers

    Lynbrook, Vic / 03 8768 8670

    Labour Day Motorbike Trailer Sale

    Lite Tow Trailers is all about the weight. We make light trailers. On the long weekends it's time to getaway and what better way to go on your motorcycle than to have a MotorBike Trailer allowing you more freedom but with comfort!

    Call us NOW on 03 87688670 for the Best Trailer Deals.
    Or come to the factory and see our complete range.

    Located in Lynbrook, Victoria.

    See our range of Lite Tow Motorbike Campers
  • Autograph Golf Balls

    Victoria, Australia

    Labour Day Golf Ball Pack Sale - ONLY $15

    Fore! Great for the kids to use as money boxes to save up for their own Golf lessons

    Purchase online

    Located in Victoria, Australia

    Purchase online